May 5, 2012

For our second participation to Fontenay-sous-Bois “les portes ouvertes” event, we wanted, Alexandra Berthome – [body]painter and I, something coming from only one inspiration. In 2011’s session, the graphic input came from her, so we decided I had to make the input this time. So I did it… I chose the “Frozen Dragon”, as it’s the water dragon’s year for chinese people this year. I decided to froze it because of my viking gene library. I wanted also something near the fantastic Druillet graphic style.And I came with this:


We used it for the exhibition flyer, and Alexandra reproduced it, making a large painting for a body integration.

water dragon, body integration by Alexandra Berthomé

To integrate the performance I wanted something more live to play with than my first round on this exhibition. That’s for the choice of the participative device: this year, it’s the famous Kinect. People should interact with us during the performance using it in a quick dispositive mixing live music and graphic distorsion, meanwhile I should play the dj with my ambient vynils, the very most experimental and minimalist ;]. For the audio brick, I choose to use the AS3 Tonfall Audio Framework, setting a little sequencer for the rythm. Then, I plugged a few samples on my own. Music was O.K.

vGlitchSynth 1.01 from Erik Eide on Vimeo.

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