JellyFish – THE ICEBERGSERKER is arriving

September 27, 2022

Last version of my threaded jellyfish, full javascript. In a wireframed way, my favorite style in 3D. Lighter model for the head, revised and more numerous filaments. A much smoother result than what I had experienced before. To achieve this, a revisit of the fabulous Three.JS library. And a good simplification of the code, in order to add the glitch effects layer.

I’m very happy to get back to the code, digging up a project I had teased eight years earlier. At the time, the idea was to make several jellyfish evolve on a 3D terrain in a loop, to illustrate a musical production of a friend. Eventually, the project fell through. But fortunately, I had not published anything. And as I keep everything…

Next goal is to animate the head of the jellyfish. To give even more “life” to this wireframed creature from the ocean. And I should also add some vertical variation on the filaments. When this will be set, I will code a terrain, and transform all this in a kind of loop.

Working now on a major electronic music creation project, mostly Ambient. With THE ICEBERGSERKER, the ambition is plural: music production, sound design, art direction, art coding (of which JellyFish is an example), DJing, VJing, … We won’t forbid ourselves anything for our greatest pleasure, and that of those who will follow us in this adventure. The work presented here is the initialization of the future web page of THE ICEBEGSERKER, the classic screen of waiting during the finalization of the development.

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