kaleidoscope for LV Christmas

December 2, 2012

Who wants a kaleidoscope for Christmas? Last brick of code, pure art coding, for last november. A kaleidoscope presenting your personal Louis Vuitton whishlist on the website. First, you had to select some products (10 max.), and start to ply with the kaleidoscope. Then, dare to share with your friends. And wait for the presents ;)…

The tricky thing was to manage something light in CPU, as I had to play without Stage3D AS3. Staying on a flash player, built 10, no web-gl acceleration, no nothing (geek mood…). I couldn’t use the native GPU rendering pipeline :/… I had to draw something lighter than playing with a full bunch of sprites on my stage. So, I decided to draw a quart of the kaleidsocope and duplicate it.

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