June 10, 2014

Today, I’m very proud to share my first collaboration with the artists from Analog Dust netlabel.
Here comes a quick preview on what we made with my friends Eve Lys and Max Durante, last time I was in Roma.
This is an exercise mixing two audio sources, one from Eve, one from Max, and a bit of my 3D code.

“Structures” takes part in mathematics and musical theory. Similar to a notion, it can be also a model. Here we deliver our common vision, fruit of the workshop. Our model is transmitting, on a formal context, an example of the arrangement of mathematic and musical cells. This is illustrated through the pseudo random graphic wave and the audio synchronisation on severals notes.

Eve Lys, musical composing | Art Direction
Max Durante, musical composing | Art Direction
Myself: Art Coding | Art Direction

Next move would be to amplify the idea with other loops and graphic medias, as we decided to repeat the exercise in our “Structures” concept: a minimalistic installation where video projection and/or video mapping meets audio and audio synchronisation, in a perfect model, to take public into a deep mental minimal trip.

Regarding my part, once again, I used one of my favorite prototyping skill to do this: a bit of As3 code, plus the context3D Object, to manage only one graphic media, duplicated several times. Then, they’re just transposed in a loop, kind of a sine wave transposed on Z-axis and a few rotations. Very simple, minimal. No needs to show you the code this time. And it’s not the purpose, just the way of doing it. Quickly hard coded, but not dirty.

If you want more good sound from Eve and Max, don’t hesitate on checking their respective SoundClouds:
DJ Eve Lys
Max Durante

You can also check more information from Analog Dust

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