Coding Delaunay on Vivatech

June 18, 2017

The context:

I’m proud of having been involved so deeply in the Vivatech 2017 session. JCDecaux gave me the opportunity to deliver some artistic experiment to be implemented on our stand. I loved the idea because I’m convinced that it is our duty to deliver such content in a smart city environment. And not only brand or commercial content which’s too many times intrusive, inconsistent and just bullshit! We have to make people discover and experiment new stuff to redefine a kind of poetic daily environment!

Artistic choice:

I quickly chose to adapt what I made for Antonio Nodar’s exhibition, my Delaunay’s portrait. Simple. I had just to match the graphic result with the 3 main colors of our stand identity.

Vivatech 2017 Delaunay's Portrait

The funny part:

I explain the trick: I take the picture, I transform it on grey levels first, then I make the mathematical Delaunay’s triangulation. So I can redraw my image only with triangles. Each triangle has its own grey level in term of color. And last, but not the least, I find on which percentage of grey I am on each triangle, to attribute the right color. This comes from a custom gradient based on the listed colors. the percentage gives me this graphic scale. Its width is 100px to make simple the attribution. And that’s it! I have the final shooted person’s portrait!

At first I stayed with a simple technology. Javascript. I had the possibility to play with graphic elements, data and network to get to the screen player. Then, JCDecaux wanted also something tangible as a memory.

The tricky part:

We came with the idea we should print the portrait and offer it to the visitor. The best reminder of your Delaunay’s portrait is the real photography of it! To ensure reliability, I recommended to develop the script in native Android language. In order to get more stability, especially in terms of network connection. There is too much pollution on these events: everyone deploys its own WiFi. I finally connected the application to a local tiny network.

Happy ending…

A picture taken was now going to the printer for printing, and to the display server to feed the magnificent screen. This screen, high up, was like the lighthouse of Vivatech. So you could see my creation from a long distance from the stand. Tat was really so damn cool! Everybody enjoying an improvised Delaunay’s portraits exhibition.

And guess what? It was a big success! My big boss, Jean-Charles Decaux, a lot of vip people, and also normal people, visitors, made the experiment! Goal reached! Emotion was there!

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